The leadership team of Dannemiller Tyson Associates is made up of its three senior partners: Al Blixt, Mary Eggers and Beverly Seiford.  We are supported by Emeritus Partner Sylvia James and many experienced and trusted consultants.  In addition, we are pleased to have a world-wide network of Whole-Scale® Change practitioners who are sharing the principles, tools and techniques of whole system change and doing great work in all parts of the world.

Al Blixt
Al BlixtSenior Partner
Al Blixt has 20 years experience in Whole-Scale® Change after careers as an attorney, university professor and a business owner.  Much of his work is in leadership coaching, strategic planning and implementation.  He works with clients in business, government, higher education, unions and nonprofits. Representative clients include Chrysler Corporation, the US Office of Personnel Management, the Florida Education Association, Cadbury-Schweppes and Baylor College of Medicine.  Al has extensive experience working with colleges and universities to mobilize entire campuses to increase retention and graduation rates.

Al holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan and lives in Ann Arbor. He brings past experience as an attorney, university professor and as an advertising and marketing executive to his consulting work.  In his personal life, Al works to create independent living communities for persons with developmental disabilities including his youngest son, Andrew.  He is also an auto racing historian.

Mary Eggers
Mary EggersSenior Partner
Mary Eggers has been doing organizational change work since the mid-1980’s and joined DTA in 1995 when she discovered the power of Whole-Scale® and of working from a whole system perspective.  Meeting Kathie Dannemiller changed her life and her work.  Mary is passionate about ensuring that everyone in an organization has a voice that is valued.  Time and again she’s watched leaders when they realize how much their employees want what they want and want to be involved in meaningful ways.   Her practice areas include strategic planning, process redesign and culture change.  She has broad experience nationally and internationally in healthcare, non-profits, government, financial institutions, higher education and other industries.  Representative clients include Corning, Inc., the United States Air Force, Inova Health System, Best Friends Animal Society, East Jefferson General Hospital and New Zealand District Health Boards.
Beverly W. Seiford
Beverly W. SeifordSenior Partner
Bev Seiford has over 25 years of experience as an organization development consultant, project director, and educator.  She has facilitated strategic planning, process improvement, leadership development, conflict resolution, and team building initiatives for Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state governments, healthcare and educational institutions, and not-for-profit agencies.  The focus of her work is on helping clients unite their organizations in identifying: 1) the future they wish to create, 2) the most pressing challenges they face, 3) the actions they will take to meet those challenges, and 4) the ways they will measure their success.  Representative clients include BP Chemicals, Inc., McKinsey & Co., University of Michigan, United Way, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM), National Science Foundation, and New Zealand District Health Boards.

Bev holds a Masters Degree and an Advanced Graduate Studies Certificate in Foundations of Management from the University of Massachusetts.  She especially enjoys helping people communicate more effectively with each other and is a certified administrator and trainer for the Myers-Briggs TypeIndicator (MBTI).

Sylvia James
Sylvia JamesPartner Emeritus
Sylvia James announced her retirement at the end of 2014. In the mid-1980’s, Sylvia worked with DTA founder Kathleen Dannemiller to pioneer what today we call “Whole-Scale® Change,”  During her long and brilliant career, she worked globally with communities and organizations to bring about rapid, sustained change in strategy, culture, processes, structure, systems, and roles.  Her strength was convening stakeholders around “gnarly,” system-wide issues in order to combine their wisdom and create breakthrough solutions.  She was a coach to individuals and teams at all levels and a presenter at conferences and workshops around the world. Sylvia’s spectrum of clients included Baylor College of Medicine Chronic Disease Research Center, Corning, Medco Health Solutions, Hewlett Packard, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.  Sylvia is a Partner Emeritus but still active as a consultant.  She makes her home in Phoenix, Arizona with her beloved husband, Ivor.