DVD on the Life of Kathie Dannemiller
The Dannemiller Family has created a professionally edited DVD containing 6 hours of footage on Kathie and her memorial service. Also featured on the DVD will be an informal interview of Kathie about her life, a 40-minute presentation at a Seminar on the history of Whole Scale Methodology, an interview with Roger Breisch, and the Lifetime Achievement Award with an introduction by Billie Alban. The proceeds will go toward a scholarship for new OD consultants who want to attend a seminar on how to facilitate Whole Scale Change processes. If you are interested in having a copy, please contact Dannemiller Tyson Associates at 734-662-1330 click here to order online.  $25.00 plus shipping.

Whole-Scale Stories
Below are some video documentaries of actual Whole-Scale engagements.  These videos were produced by the clients themselves.

Mead School District
The Mead School District outside of Spokane, Washington USA wanted to involve the whole community in setting the strategic direction for the district. Kathie Dannemiller and others from Dannemiller Tyson Associates designed and facilitated a two-day event that attracted approximately 1300 parents, students, teachers, administrators and other residents to participate in a community dialogue that created a new vision for education in the district. Good illustration of the Whole-Scale Change methodology.


Richmond Savings
Richmond Savings is a Canadian banking organization that wished to create greater employee involvement in its strategic planning process. This video shows how a large group meeting can engage the whole system in planning for the future using the Whole-Scale Change approach developed by Dannemiller Tyson Associates.