Below are video documentaries that illustrate Whole-Scale® in action.  These videos were originally produced by the clients themselves for internal use; but they provide stories that bring this process to life.

Mead School District
The Mead School District near Spokane, Washington USA wanted to involve the whole community in setting the strategic direction for the district. Dannemiller Tyson Associates designed and facilitated a two-day event that attracted approximately 1300 parents, students, teachers, administrators and other residents to participate in a community dialogue that created a new vision for education in the district.

Richmond Savings
Richmond Savings is a Canadian banking organization that wished to create greater employee involvement in its strategic planning process. This video shows how a large group meeting can engage the whole system in planning for the future using the Whole-Scale® Change approach developed by Dannemiller Tyson Associates.

East Jefferson General Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital in New Orleans used Whole-Scale Change to engage physicians and staff in developing a new strategic plan. This video contains a number of interviews of participants in the final two-day planning event for approximately 300 people. It provides insight into how empowering this event was for those who attended.

Bank of America

This is an illustration of how Whole-Scale can be used in process redesign.  More than 100 Bank of America employees work together over two and one-half days to redesign and streamline the process for commercial loans. The use of a road rally theme for this event allowed participants to experience the unnecessary complexity of their current process.

Chrysler Corporation

This is a story of how Whole-Scale® Change large group processes can be used to accelerate system change. Consultants from Dannemiller Tyson Associates and The Learning Circle teamed up to design and facilitate events that engaged the entire finance department of Chrysler Corporation in redesigning their work processes. The event was held three times to accommodate a total of 1800 persons.