The following articles are written primarily for leaders and for practitioners of organizational change.

“Facilitating Large Group Meetings That Get Results Every Time”
from The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation
By Sylvia James, Mary Eggers, Marsha Hughes-Rease, Roland Loup, & Bev Seiford of Dannemiller Tyson Associates
Large group meetings can be powerful accelerators when an organization or community wants to: 1) build alignment, 2) deploy strategy, 3) get work done (budget planning, project management, exchanges of practice, etc.), 4) accelerate the way work gets done in communities and organizations, or 5) accelerate and deepen organizational transformation.  At the same time, facilitating groups of 100 or more participants can seem a daunting task. This chapter presents 10 principles for the design and facilitation of large group meetings based on our twenty years experience designing and facilitating large group meetings in all sizes and types of organizations and communities around the world.  Download the PDF here.

One Brain and One Heart – Unleashing the Magic in Organizations
by Kathleen Dannemiller and Mary Eggers of Dannemiller Tyson Associates
The power of truly being able to experience becoming “one-brain and one heart” gives undeniable alignment and strength to any organization, and this result is what the Whole-Scale™ change methodology is based on – helping organizations, across all levels, all disciplines, all locations, all ages and tenures become connected around Òone-brain (all knowing the same things) and “one-heart” (all feeling connected around common yearnings). Download the PDF here.

Ron and Kathie’s Principles
by Barry Camson
Barry Camson is an organizational consultant and trainer.  In 1995 he came to observe Kathie Dannemiller and Paul Tolchinsky facilitate a large group meeting for the Ford Motor Company.  As the meeting progressed, he was struck by what was happening behaviorally with leaders, participants and consultants.  Below is the document he sent to Kathie shortly after the event.  It beautifully describes the values and principles that underlie the Whole-Scale Approach. While Barry titled this description Kathie’s Principles, Kathie called them Ron and Kathie’s Principles because they reflected what she had learned from her mentor Ron Lippitt. Read the PDF here.

Consulting that Unleashes the Spirit
By Kathie Dannemiller, Sylvia James, and Paul Tolchinsky of Dannemiller Tyson Associates
It was the evening of day two in a three-day meeting, which involved all 250 employees of a plastics manufacturing company in upper state New York. We went to dinner with Ivor, who was coordinating the logistics for the meeting. When asked, “How do you think it’s going?” Ivor responded, “It’s not going anywhere; it’s still the same old stuff.  I keep hearing the same conversations going on, the same dissatisfactions being expressed. I don’t think it’s going to work this time.”  The next day, everything changed.  Find out what happened in this short article.  Download the PDF here.

Accelerating Strategic Change: Application of the Whole-Scale Approach to Leading and Managing Change
By Albert B. Blixt and Sylvia L. James of Dannemiller Tyson Associates
Published in “Learnende Organisation” January/February 2004 issue, Institut für Systemisches Coaching und Training, Vienna, Austria
Around the world, leaders want answers they can use to the “Who, What, Where, When and How” of making rapid strategic change happen in their organizations. Our challenge as consultants is to uncover new ways to help our clients accelerate that change process.  This article is based on the principles and practices of Whole-Scale Change, the methodology pioneered and used around the world by Dannemiller Tyson Associates consultants since 1982. Below we share what we have learned are seven accelerators of change. We work in partnership with our clients to push common practice and to design change processes that will move clients as fast and as extensively as they need. These change accelerators, however, apply to any change intervention strategy.  Click here to download the PDF

Leveraging Culture for Strategic Success
By Mary Eggers and Lorri Johnson of Dannemiller Tyson Associates
The purpose of this article is to share our learnings about creating whole system change by harnessing diversity in ways that allow people to fully contribute to business results. It presents the models and principles that we have developed and used successfully around the world to build change roadmaps. We offer examples of when and why organizations would want andneed to build cultural competency skills. Our learnings apply to any organization comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Click here to download the PDF.

Unleashing and Combining the Wisdom: Rapid, Whole-Systems Change in Public Organizations
by Mary Eggers, Sylvia James and Lorri E. Johnson of Dannemiller Tyson Associates (Public Organization Review: A Global Journal)
Abstract: This article describes an approach called Whole-Scale2 Change, a large group process that appears to have helped others achieve dramatic, sustainable results in their organization or communities. It describes the possibilities for applying the predictable processes and the critical elements of Whole-Scale Change to achieve rapid, whole-system solutions in today’s complex environment of public organizations. Click here to download the PDF.