• How’s Your CQ? – Ten Values that Shape Cultural Differences

    Many of us are aware of the work of Daniel Goleman and others on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) but recently I came across the work of Professor David Livermore of Michigan State University who studies Cultural [...]

  • Instead of a Funeral, Community Plans Re-birth of Agency

    Nearly 100 people shared a light dinner together while the meeting continued. One of the great joys of our work is seeing people come together to create something that no one thought was [...]

  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action

    TED Talks are a great source of information and inspiration. Recently, a client suggested a talk by Simon Sinek entitled "How Great Leaders Inspire Action". In his 18 minute presentation, Simon proposes that people follow [...]

The “I” in I.Q. Now Stands for Innovation

It seems everywhere you look, the hot topic is innovation. The great thing about Whole-Scale Change is that it creates the conditions for generating innovative ideas and for aligning people to bring them to reality. If innovation is a priority for your organization, give us a call.

About DTA

We are change management consultants dedicated to helping people imagine a better future and then mobilize to achieve it. Our Whole-Scale Change methodology has been used to create rapid and sustainable change in organizations and communities around the world.

We believe the wisdom needed to create successful change is in the people, and our role is to help them uncover, combine, and apply that wisdom to accomplish the results they are seeking.