Achieving strategic change can be complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Change management is an intentional process to help people move from the present to a new way of working as part of an overall strategy. This might include a new organizational structure, introduction of a new technology, a change in a system or process, or a combination of these. The most important changes are disruptive to the way people work and that can result in resistance. They also cut across organizational boundaries and require a systemic approach. We can help you design a roadmap to guide implementing your transitions as smoothly as possible.

Our Approach is Inclusive and Flexible

Here is a simple strategy roadmap. The exact design of your roadmap and the timetable will depend on the scope and purpose of the initiative.  Each roadmap is designed to deliver these benefits:

  • The initiative has clear outcomes and metrics
  • Leaders are aligned and ready to guide the process
  • Periodic Large group meetings create shared understanding and commitment, while giving everyone a voice
  • Small groups do the work of making the change happen
  • At every major step, we assemble a small representative group of participants to help plan the next meeting
  • Leadership meets periodically to revise the roadmap

High Engagement Builds Internal Capacity

Participating in this kind of a change initiative is a growth experience for individuals, teams, and the whole organization. Leadership teams are seen as authentic and trustworthy. Individuals understand why they are making this change and have an opportunity to add their own creativity to improve outcomes. The sharing that takes place in large group meetings fosters synergy and new relationships that carry over into everyday life in the workplace. Change goes from being something scary to an exciting journey to a better future where everyone can contribute. Our approach is to share what we know with you so you and your organization will be able to carry on long after we are gone.

One Client’s Change Management Story

The Client: A heavy manufacturing plant in North America owned by a multi-national corporation

The Challenge: The plant was in danger of being closed after a number of years of heavy losses. The plant was plagued by a flat market, tough competition, high quality costs (rework), slow delivery, and an adversarial labor-management climate.

The Process: Three DTA consultants worked over a period of several months with plant leadership and a 23-person planning team made up of managers, workers, and union leaders. We designed and facilitated a 2-day all-staff retreat to develop and commit to a new strategy. All 250 employees attended along with 22 key suppliers and a panel of customers. Strategic goals were developed where everyone could contribute. An implementation roadmap was created for the next year.

Results after One Year

  • Cycle times for product delivery dropped from 28 weeks to 18 weeks.
  • The cost of quality (scrap, rework) dropped from 8.6% to 3.4% of sales.
  • Sales were up from $40M to $50M in the first year and $60M the second year.
  • Involvement of shop floor employees to lead plant tours got rave reviews from prospective customers and led to several new orders.
  • Cross-functional teams were formed involving shop floor employees to address long standing process problems.
  • All three United Steel Workers locals agreed to new three-year contracts that included managements need for more flexibility in job classifications and the unions need for an early retirement option for senior workers.
  • Union grievances dropped significantly.
  • The $5.5 million loss was trimmed to $1.5 million the first year
  • All laid off workers were called back and the workforce increased by 20%.
  • 25% of all workers were trained for new jobs or responsibilities.

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