Strategic planning is more than a single task.  It is a journey that begins with creating a compelling vision of a new future that everyone understands and commits to achieving.  The process includes defining a path for action to get to that future along with specific milestones, defined metrics, and clear accountability.  We begin by helping leaders gain alignment on a high-level draft strategy they can all live with and support.  From there we widen the circle of involvement by ensuring that representatives from the entire system have an opportunity to refine the draft, inform decisions, and drive concerted action.

The hallmark of our strategic planning process is our systems methodology for facilitating organizational alignment by convening a series of small and large group meetings with the right people at the right time.  Our goal is to have the people of the organization “own” the plan and be ready to roll up their sleeves and make it happen when it is time for implementation.

Strategy begins with leadership but ends with everyone in the organization “owning” the strategy because they had a role in creating it or in deciding how best to implement it.  Our approach to creating strategy is to work through a series of questions that lead from an awareness of stakeholder needs and the environment to articulating Mission, Vision and Goals.  From there the people of the organization create objectives and action plans.  Then those plans are put into action and outcomes are measured.  The cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act leads to continuous learning.  No matter how detailed and complex the entire plan may be it is essential to be able to put the main ideas on a single page so everyone can see the big picture.  We use the model below to help clients get that clarity.