Our Whole-Scale™ Change methodology has been used to create rapid and sustainable change in organizations and communities around the world.  We believe the wisdom needed to create successful change is in the people, and our role is to help them uncover, combine, and apply that wisdom to accomplish the results they are seeking

Our core competencies include engaging large and small microcosms of the organization as the key elements of the change process. We work with groups as small as ten and as large as 1,000. These interactions of large and small groups allow a “critical mass” of the organization (or a sub-system within the organization) to build a common database and form a common intention for action. Whole-Scale™ processes are robust: they work in many different circumstances with people from all parts of the organization.

The Whole-Scale™ approach is a flexible methodology that can be used at different levels and at different stages of the change process. We stress that Whole-Scale™ is a journey and each step can create “critical moments” in the process but only in the context of a sound change strategy that includes clear strategic goals, strong leadership alignment, adequate training and concerted implementation follow-through.

Core Beliefs and Values

  • Creating Empowerment and Participation
    We believe in engaging the entire organization in ways that lead to ownership of and commitment to a shared purpose and future direction.
  • Creating Community
    We believe that when you foster an environment where employees can come together, they can create and believe in something larger than themselves.
  • Using Reality as a Key Driver
    We believe the change process must keep a continual focus on the simultaneous and sometimes conflicting realities that exist in the internal and external environments of the organization.
  • Building and Maintaining a Common Database
    We believe that a “level playing field” of information and common understanding of the strategic issues informs the discretion of people at all levels so that they can make wise decisions, individually and collectively.
  • Creating a Shared Preferred Future
    We believe creating a collective “image of potential” for the future forms the basis for action today.
  • Creating Change in Real Time
    We believe in simultaneous planning and implementation of individual, group and organizational changes.
  • Practicing Action Research
    We believe that only through continuous re-examination throughout the process can our clients adjust their approach to ensure reaching their vision of success.
  • Transferring Learning
    We have a strong value for creating self-sufficiency and against creating dependency on us in our client systems. Our goal for the completion of a project is that participants will make our methods their own so they can feel confident and capable of carrying on with or without Dannemiller Tyson Associates.