Worldwide Network

Dannemiller Tyson Associates has trained and worked with many professionals who have embraced the Whole-Scale® Change methodology and practice it around the world.  The consultants and firms below are practitioners who share our methods and values.  Some are former partners and some we have worked on projects with together.  They are not officially part of Dannemiller Tyson Associates but they are part of our worldwide community of practice.

Roland Loup, Partner Emeritus
Hamburg, Michigan
For more than 25 years, Roland Loup has engaged in whole system consulting with business and nonprofit organizations, government agencies and universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Australia.  His interests center on include strategy development and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, culture change and quality systems implementation.  Roland was an original developer of workshops on the Whole-Scale® Change process.  He has written numerous articles and is coauthor of the two books.  He holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics and a Doctorate in Statistics.

José Luis Romero, Authorized DTA Representative for Central America
Mexico City, Mexico
José Luis Romero has more than 15 years of combined experience consulting in high tech, agriculture, pharmaceutical, education, government, and manufacturing.  His efforts are focused on facilitating large-scale organizational learning and change, leadership development, and organization.  He is fluency in French, English, and Spanish to facilitate his work on multi-national engagements.  José Luis holds a Masters Degree in Organization Development from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Marsha Hughes-Rease, Principal,  Quovadis Coaching and Consulting
Herndon, Virginia
As an organization development consultant and executive coach, Marsha Hughes-Rease partners with organizational leaders to transform their vision into strategic actions that make a difference. She has worked with clients in the public and private sector including education, healthcare, government, military, multinational, and non-profit organizations. Marsha believes that the Whole-Scale® approach provides a blueprint for creating transformative change in organizations that are committed to thriving in the 21st century.

 Paul Tolchinsky, Ph.D,Managing Partner, Performance Development Associates (U.S.),Partner, Train Consulting (Austria)
Vienna Austria and Cleveland, Ohio USA
Paul Tolchinsky, a former DTA senior partner, has consulted to companies around the world for the past 30 years.  He has extensive experience in large system change efforts; new plant design and redesigning existing manufacturing facilities, particularly where unions are involved.  Paul’s particular expertise is in applying socio-technical principles and the Whole-Scale® approach to organization design.  He is often an invited speaker and guest lecturer in Europe, Australia, India, Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Dr. Tolchinsky holds a Ph.D. in Organization Behavior and Design from Purdue University.  (

 Jim McNeil, Director, Stratum Associates
Venice, Florida
Jim McNeil is a senior organizational change consultant and principal of STRATEM Associates.  As a former trade union leader, he brings a unique blend of labor/management experience to the challenge of creating world-class organizations.  Jim specializes in strategy development and implementation, union/management relationships, conflict resolution and interest-based problem solving and implementing high-performing work systems.  He has worked in the U.S. and Europe with leaders and employees at all levels in: corporations, governmental agencies, trade unions and non-profits.  He holds a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Norwich University and BBA from the Detroit College of Business.  (

Kenneth Jones, JKAssociates
Little Rock, Arkansas
Kenneth Jones experienced a positive and permanent change in his life and work from his 35-year friendship with Kathie Dannemiller. He is a practicing Organizational Psychologist who uses Whole-Scale whenever and wherever it is appropriate. He believes the principles that provide the foundation for the Whole-Scale methodology are not just applicable to organizational change initiatives; they are also applicable to the way one lives one’s life. Kenneth is a Christian man with a wife, children and extended family that he loves.  He can be reached at: or

Anil Sachdev, Founder/CEO School of Inspired Leadership
New Delhi, India
Anil Sachdev is the Founder and CEO of the School of Inspired Leadership, an organization that has the Vision of developing leaders with character, competence and enthusiasm. Our firm, located in New Delhi, runs a full time intense one year MBO program, a one week a quarter Program for emerging leaders, and a Global Program with one week modules in North America, Europe and Asia. We also do custom built interventions to develop leadership in Governments, Not for Profit and business organizations. We have been using the Whole Scale methodology for over 15 years in three different organizations, and this has impacted the work and lives of millions of people in diverse sectors. Anil can be reached at

Roland Sullivan, Founder Sullivan Transformation Agents
Roland started his OD journey in a NTL Seashore T-group in 1962. Since 1966, he has been a full time Whole System Transformation practitioner working in 30 countries in every major industry.  He edits both “Change Champions Fieldguide” and “Practicing OD.” While re-inventing himself in the Pepperdine MSOD program, he discovered the Dannemiller Tyson Associates methodology as it was being invented at Ford.  As the transformation officer at Best Practice Institute, he is dedicating the rest of his professional life to bringing Kathie’s legacy alive.  Why? Because, he believes Whole-Scale® is the most powerful and effective change process in existence.

MPuls organization development
The Netherlands
The people from MPuls have worked with Whole-Scale and Large Group interventions in Europe for over 15 years. Their main focus is The Netherlands where they have built a strong reputation with their eclectic approach to participative change and worked with leaders and employees of large and small corporations, governmental agencies and non-profits. Their expertise is in applying the principles of the Whole-Scale™ approach to strategy development and implementation, culture change, organization design and the realization of high-performing teams. Besides that, Marc and Tobias are often invited as guest lecturers for the Radboud University in Nijmegen and the Open Universiteit.   Marc and Tobias can be reached at