Our clients often need to redesign work processes and organizational structures rapidly to promote rather than hinder results.  Many “re-engineering” efforts fail because they are done by outside experts or by a small group of insiders who are not in touch with the realities of the workplace.  The Whole-Scale® approach to work design engages the people who will be doing the work in identifying possibilities and making holistic choices about redesigning both processes and structures to enhance performance.  Redesign work takes place at the macro (organization), mezzo (department) and micro (team & individual) levels.  The result is a way of organizing work that yields rapid and sustainable improvements.

Tapping the wisdom of microcosm teams in redesigning their own work processes helps ensure higher levels of commitment and more rapid implementation that goes deeper into the organization. Front line workers and their superiors are often surprised at how quickly teams can master the craft of process mapping and design.  They are also surprised about how much knowledge and innovation can come from the workforce with skilled facilitation.