Each Whole-Scale™ Change engagement has an element of leadership coaching built into it.  We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to prepare them to both lead and manage the change process.  This begins with making sure everyone is aligned and committed to the strategy and continues with support so that leaders are clear about their individual roles and expectations.  Leadership coaching is also a service that can be provided to executives apart from any particular change initiative.

Strategic Leadership Coaching Program – The Strategic Leadership Coaching Program is a systematic approach to improving your leadership performance and achieving your organizational change objectives.  Having a coach helps keep you focused and motivated.  If there are beliefs or attitudes that are causing internal conflict, we can bring those to the surface and deal with them. Coaching is a combination of weekly or bi-weekly phone calls with email updates in between calls.  We will monitor your progress and help you get to where you want to go.  Along the way, we will suggest models or specific approaches based on our experience.  Our goal working together is to build your capacity as a leader as quickly as possible.

The issues that executives want to work on vary but these are the ten most frequently stated:

  1. Authentic Leadership Style: Awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses is essential to developing an effective, authentic leadership style.  We will work on raising your self-awareness and explore strategies for improving your ability to motivate others.
  2. Personal Accountability & Performance: Setting priorities and making sure the right things get done are essential for holding yourself accountable on a daily basis.  We will work on staying focused and not allowing distractions.
  3. Decision Making: What is your decision style?  Do you delay deciding in hopes that it will somehow get easier?  Do you make snap judgments that have to be reversed.  We will work on how you can make and keep better decisions that are timely.
  4. Short & Long-Term Planning: Short and long-term planning are at the heart of an executive’s role. We’ll work on how to craft and engage others in creating a plan for tomorrow, next year and beyond while providing clear leadership in day-to-day operations.
  5. Motivating, Leading and Developing Others: As a leader, your success depends on the work of others.  We’ll work together to have you do what it takes to delegate responsibility, be a great motivator and get the most out of your supporting players. Since working with people is an area that causes the greatest stress, it’s possible you’ll want to spend considerable time here.
  6. Talent Management: Every leader needs to prepare for the day when a key employee leaves and how to develop people to move up.  The same is true about yourself as you think about what it will take for you to move to a greater level of responsibility.   We will help you develop a strategy for developing yourself and your team.
  7. Building Relationships – Family, Work, Community: In all of our lives, our relationships with people determine our success. We’ll work on helping you achieve stronger, healthier, more loving relationships at home and enhance and navigate those critical to success and satisfaction at work. Again, this is a critical area most leaders and executives spend time on.
  8. Time Management, Dealing with Stress and Avoiding Job Burnout: If you want to STOP working insane hours, carrying the world on your shoulders and still stay on the upward path of advancing your vision, we’ll work together helping you manage your priorities and put in place self-leadership habits used by the world’s top business and nonprofit leaders.
  9. Maximizing Opportunities in Change and Transition: Periods of change provide windows of opportunity to those who are attentive. We’ll work on having you use transitions to your advantage, arriving at the best outcomes possible, even in the poorest of circumstances.
  10. Career Satisfaction and Transitions: What good is all your hard work if you aren’t really happy in your personal work and leadership? We’ll work together to help you achieve high satisfaction on the job – or find a new career track that gets you there!