Culture is an important and often misunderstood factor in organizational success.  Culture can be defined as the sum of the assumptions people make about what is expected of them and how to get things done in a particular system.  Efforts to create a culture of quality, accountability, and/or safety are really calls to align behavior with organizational goals or values.  People will resist these calls or comply grudgingly until they are able to embrace the underlying goals and values.  DTA seeks to help client systems redefine their culture in ways that enable people to understand their differences, share a common vision, agree on values or guiding principles for behavior, leverage their diversity, and create a climate of trust and inclusion.

One of the most common contexts for culture change is after an acquisition or a merger.  Research tells us that more than half of these efforts fail.  When they do succeed, it is because there are integrated social and technical systems that support the new organizational mission.  DTA’s approach to these engagements helps people build one new organizational and cultural identity that taps the best of both worlds and provides hope and excitement for the future.