People support what they help create.  The process of system-wide engagement is designed to involve a critical mass including all levels and all functions of the organization.   We often work with Event Planning Teams, made up of people from across the system to design a series of large group meetings.  These meetings are based on interactive processes that give members of the organization a shared understanding of the case for change and an opportunity to have meaningful input in shaping the strategy and the implementation roadmap.  This critical mass then becomes aligned and begins to function as one brain (everyone knowing what needs to happen, why, and how their work matters), and one heart (all truly committed to the actions necessary to make change happen).

It is during the implementation stage that change really happens.  Over a period of months, individuals, teams, departments and the whole organization begin doing things differently.  This may mean new processes, new organizational structures, or new ways of working at the individual or team level.  There may be special task teams doing one kind of work while regular functional teams do another.  We support this stage by coaching leaders and teams to strive for high performance at every level.  The initial focus is on achieving rapid results by accomplishing clear short-term objectives in service of long-term goals.  Depending on size and scope, the process can take weeks or months as the organization moves from trying out new ideas to making them part of business as usual.