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From Divided to Undivided
Making Our “Community/City” Whole Again

The Challenge We Face as Americans

In December of 1776, a time of national crisis, Thomas Paine said, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” There have been few times since then when we as Americans have been more divided and more in need of unity than now. In many cases our divisions run so deep that we can’t even talk to each other. Carlos Lozada recently said in a piece that appeared in the Washington Post, “The battle… is about determining whether Americans, torn by politics, class and culture can still make common cause about anything”

More and more we hear about communities that have difficult issues to address and their inability to find common ground from which to address them. Common ground, of course, begins with community leaders. Often they recognize the issues and aren’t sure how to bring people together to have useful dialogue and take actions needed to find solutions.

A History of Aligning People and Creating Futures

Kathleen Dannemiller and Chuck Tyson founded our firm, Dannemiller Tyson Associates (DTA), in 1984 to “help communities and organizations become one brain and one heart.” “One brain” means that everyone has the same information and “one heart” means we are all passionately committed to a shared vision of a better future. We have worked with thousands of organizations, communities, and government agencies at all levels around the globe…not telling them how or what to do, rather helping them have the right conversations to uncover their own wisdom.

Our Offer To You

We at DTA feel called to offer our expertise to your community to assist you in moving from one that is divided to one that is united in its vision of the future. We do this work because we believe in it and have the expertise to engage diverse groups, so that people can really listen to each other for what they have in common rather that what divides them. We see an urgent need for listening and coming together and are willing to do the work at a reduced fee to be negotiated at the time of our proposal with a specific client system.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore the possibilities of engaging and mobilizing the people of your community regardless of the issue or issues you face, please give us a call so we can explore the possibilities together.

Senior Partner Mary Eggers

The “I” in I.Q. Now Stands for Innovation

It seems everywhere you look, the hot topic is innovation. The great thing about Whole-Scale Change is that it creates the conditions for generating innovative ideas and for aligning people to bring them to reality. If innovation is a priority for your organization, give us a call.

About DTA

We are change management consultants dedicated to helping people imagine a better future and then mobilize to achieve it. Our Whole-Scale Change methodology has been used to create rapid and sustainable change in organizations and communities around the world.

We believe the wisdom needed to create successful change is in the people, and our role is to help them uncover, combine, and apply that wisdom to accomplish the results they are seeking.